Hungary has got plenty to offer for any kind of holiday.

Hun Travel helps you discover hospitable and special Hungary.

Discover Hungary!

Hospitable, pleasant and special.

Hungary, located in the heart of Europe, is still an unknown holiday destination. However, it has more than enough to offer at relatively low prices. Either for a short break with friends or for a long family vacation.Hungarycan fulfil every holiday wish.

A pleasant climate.

Due to the fact thatHungaryis located in central Europe it has a continental climate, comparable to countries surrounding theMediterranean. From May until September the weather is dry and sunny with temperatures between 20 to 30 degrees centigrade.

Hospitable Hungarians.

Hungarians have hospitability in their nature.

In the countryside and small villages you experience the traditional hospitality, that will get rid of all language barriers and also in the more tourist areas you can count on a warm hearted reception in either the German or English language.

A rich culture.

In Hungary you still find magnificent old castles, palaces and fortresses. From the age of chivalry to the extravagant baroque. Furthermore of course the typical Hungarian music or wonderful concerts of famous Hungarian composers. With its many museums, festivals, concerts, traditional costumes and beautiful cities you will probably not have enough time to explore it all.

Nature: rough, quiet or spacious.

Spacious pustas, rough wilderness, it’s all on offer inHungary.

You can bike on the flat paths around the Danube or climbKeszthelyMountains. Wherever you are, you will certainly enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the beautiful Hungarian outdoors.

Famous Hungarian cuisine.

Hungaryis known for its goulash, but Hungarian food has so much more to offer. It has delicious meat dishes, game, peppers, seafood and many sweet delicacies.

All to be accompanied with lovely wine, full of body and taste from one ofHungary’s 20 wine districts.

Hun Travel can help you choose the finest eatery.

Thermal Baths.

Hungaryis a source of wellness with medicinal springs, which are located all over the country. In many spas and several hotels you can enjoy relaxing massages, saunas as well as medicinal water. The largest naturalhot springsis located in Heviz, which is part of one of the 100 natural springs the country has to offer.